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Jack and the Beanstalk Review - NODA

Posted on February 22, 2020 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (53)

Check out this great review from Philip Smith at NODA !!!!

Sylvia and I were delighted to be invited to share an evening with Darnall MTC to see their annual pantomime .

This being my first visit I had no idea of the venue,the society or how Darnall operated. How pleased we were with the warm welcome we received with so many people in front of house.

Darnall MTC are clearly a very strong community theatre group, with many people giving their time to all aspects of this production.

On stage the cast were made up of youngsters all 17 or less , the exception being the larger than life Dame Trot ,Jack Taylor , who clearly gave everything not only to his own performance but providing a high level of experience and timing to the most supportive remaining cast .

Hannah Blackwell as the dashing prince Jack Trot, performed some memorable scenes with many of the performers. I particularly enjoyed the duet with Princess Demelza played very well by Lucy Green .They both showed their many talents not only with the songs but in performance and stage presence.

In every panto there has to be a Simple Simon , and Natasha Blackwell played this part so well, daft but not over the top, clever interactions with her audience, lovely singing and stagecraft .

Stage front left and front right hold significant panto roles almost by tradition, Edena the Eco Fairy ,Matilda Gunn, upholding good from evil, with some lovely acting , excellent clarity , and forming the perfect foil for the villain of the piece Slime Ball played by the very proficient and talented Beth Black.

What can I say about your King Bertram , played by Teagan Pepper and of course his sidekick Trumpet,played by Isaac Pepper ,a formidable set of performers. I really enjoyed the way Teagan played her part showing off a high level of experience with some memorable expressions,great singing,excellently executed scenes

ably supported by Isaac, showing some lovely daft reactions ,along with some clever stagecraft .I was delighted to see the whole cast so enthusiastically involved, some lovely group numbers,and clever shaping by the production team maximising the comparatively small performance area, good use of stage levels and utilisation of entrances and exits.Full compliments for the very effective UV scene with excellent props ,and extremely well executed. I really enjoyed the scenes outside the giant's castle with Slime Ball and the cockroaches, the youngsters all performing really well, and I must say how impressed I was with The Sarg, Megan Green leading the team .

Throughout the panto some lovely choreography allowing everyone on stage to show off their talents . I find it so refreshing to see so many of tomorrow's performers being given these opportunities , and grasping it with both hands. This of course can never happen without the commitment and dedication of the whole team that you clearly have at Darnall.

The costumes , the sets, the clever lighting and well chosen songs , be it solos duets or full chorus were all delivered with great effect.

Well done to one and all for a most enjoyable evening .

It goes to prove that in theatre ,with the high level of support that you obviously have, a wonderful production can be achieved on a comparatively low budget , sending your full house audience home with smiles on their faces.

Thank you again for the invite ,enjoy the remaining performances.

Philip Smith

Noda NE District 6 Regional Rep

Jack and the Beanstalk Review - Last Night I Dreamt Of

Posted on February 20, 2020 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Review by Leah Rhodes-Burch.

“Last night I had the pleasure of attending Darnall Musical Theatre Company’s (DMTC) Panto ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. From the offset it is clear that the whole community is behind the company and the production. We had the privilege of being placed right in the heart of the audience who were buzzing with excitement and added to our enjoyment of the evening.


I have to mention the fabulous set and costumes! Everything was vibrant and engaging and built by a team led purely from DMTC. They are a very talented bunch – watch out for the wonderful neon magical beans dance which was a highlight of the show.


The cast are made up of performers aged 17 and under (bar 1 – although she’ll swear she’s not that much older). This is by no means detrimental to the production – it is proof that Sheffield Amdram has amazing talent emerging through the companies, and DMTC is definitely supporting and encouraging a LOT of them.


Jack – played excellently, in true pantomime boy style by Hannah Blackwell, and his mum Dame Trot – played with wonderful finesse by Jack Taylor, are destitute and need to raise money quickly to pay off King Bertram’s taxes so he can reach the terrible Giant Blunderbore’s monetary demands. King Bertram – is played by Teagan Pepper who is quick witted, and has wonderful comic timing. The King does not like Jack because he is in love with his daughter Princess Demelza. Princess Demelza is played by Lucy green, whose vocal range is way beyond her years and is one to watch.


The story unfolds watched closely by the excellent good and evil duo of ‘Edena the Eco Fairy’ (Matilda Gunn), and ‘Slime Ball’ (Beth Black). The pair have great chemistry, Matilda is engaging as the fairy, showing compassion and warmth with both the cast and audience, and Beth (Slime Ball) is brilliant as the evil Henchman. Beth has a natural stage presence, and excellent characterisation that draws the audience in with lots of Boos and hisses!


I must mention two performers: firstly, Isaac Pepper who plays Trumpet – King Bertram’s side-kick. He is a great talent and one of the best dancing tree’s I’ve ever seen. Secondly, Izzie Hall who not only has to wear one of the best costumes (sorry Dame Trot, but she definitely upstages you) but has the most memorable voice of the evening! Excellent vocals for someone so young.


One thing that is very clear from the start is how much all the cast know the show, and how much they are enjoying themselves. There is not one step out of place, and smiles all round. The dancers and ensemble are pivotal in this performance and bring the stage to life.


The choreography of the show created by Sara Kitchen is perfect. The direction by Janet Black, is natural and seamless, with a clear intuition and experience of all things Panto.


Jack Taylor who plays Dame Trot, has the wonderful dryness expected by a true panto Dame, and is very cheeky with the audience who join in with him all in good jest!


My standout performance of the night is Simple Simon, played by Natasha Blackwell. Natasha has a natural stage presence, that is both believable and extremely funny. She plays the side kick to Jack and Dame Trott effervescently. Her love for Daisy the cow (played wonderfully by Neeve Chapman and Isabelle Stevens) is heart-warmingly good!


If you are stuck for something to do this weekend at the end of half-term, get tickets for this excellent family panto – you will not be Fi-fi-fo-fummed!!!”